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Top 5 Holiday Destinations for 2019

We've selected the top 5 destinations that should feature on every traveller's MUST VISIT list for 2019.

Cairo, Egypt

With the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum set for 2010, Egypt has seen a comeback following a tumultuous 8 years in the dark, with a waitlist for top hotels and Nile cruiser. Even before the Grand Unveiling of the world’s largest archaeological museum, Egypt, it seems, is the place to be.

In July 2019 the much-talked about St Regis hotel, part of the luxury Marriott Hotel brand, will open on the river, giving Cairo's dusty hotel scene a much-needed dose of glamour. With floor-to-ceiling glass doors the enviable terraces offer the best views of Cairo's pedestrian-friendly Corniche promenade.

Peloponnese, Greece

Far removed from the starriest Greek islands – such as Santorini and Mykonos – trendsetting globetrotters are heading south to the Peloponnese region. With British Airways flying into local Kalamata airport, arrivals to the region saw a 15 per cent increase last year.

Once on the island, there is so much to see and do. At Olympia, you can sit on the same grass bank where spectators viewed the first Olympic Games back in 776BC or why not visit the gorgeous coves of Voidokilia; a perfect semi-circle enclosing powder-blue water.

In recent years, Porto Heli has become one of Greece’s most luxurious destinations, with high-end hotel chains opening up in what is dubbed one of the most cosmopolitan hangouts in the Peloponnese.

Matera, Italy

Matera in the region of Basilicata, Southern Italy, is a pre-historic city carved in the rock of a ravine. Jet setters head to this cavernous region for an immersive stay. Be prepared to eat in caves, sleep in caves and see modern art in caves known as sassi. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is bargain basement camping, upscale hideaways in limestone grottoes include Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita, one of the most romantic digs in Italy with it's uneven cobble stone flooring and handmade bedspreads woven on traditional looms.

Whilst it’s not the easiest place to reach, it is for this reason that is has managed to remain relatively unknown and is one of the most romantic ravines in the world.

Perth, Australia

For the first time ever you can, finally, fly direct to Australia on Qantas’ new 17-hour London-Perth route. This has opened up a new continent where the country’s west coast is booming right now.

Australia’s capital embraces the best of soft-sand beaches and scenic parks with thriving bars, creative restaurants and curated street art. By day, have your breath taken away at any one of the beaches lining the turquoise coast or explore King’s Park, one of the world’s largest city parks.

At night, visit the neighbourhood of Leederville where there are eclectic boutiques and alfresco cafe. Hipster Mount Lawley does fantastic bar-bistros, edgy restaurants and fun-loving pubs whilst Northbridge is best for locally created fashion, its Chinatown restaurants and multicultural food stores.

Highlands, Scotland

Ever since the release of Netflix’s ‘Outlander’ the Scottish Highlands have seen an increase in tourism with people wishing to experience the magic on the moors. But what exactly is there to do in the vast green wilderness? The answer: Relax.

There are a whole host of luxury hotels popping up in the hills as well as 18th century establishments such as the Fife Arms Hotel, a favourite of Queen Victoria, with it’s 46-rooms, Jinny Blom gardens, spa, restaurant and, of course, a bar.

Additionally, down in the Lowlands, Dundee’s culture credentials are multiplying. The V&A opened here in September 2018, and now a former mill is being turned into a massive multi-venue arts destination.

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