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5 Interior Colour Trends for Summer 2019

Want a change this summer but not sure where to start? If you need inspiration from what sofa to choose next to having a complete room makeover we can show you the latest trends and what will work in your space.

Last year was all about edgy colour palettes from vivacious reds to ultra-modern metallics. Unlike 2018's bold color trends, 2019 took on a more mindful, lifestyle-based approach with seascape aquas, woodland shades, warm coral and soft terracottas and these trending palettes are mirroring the colours we will see all around us in nature this summer.

Check out these 5 Key Colour Trends interior designers will be implementing this summer:

1. Woodland Shades

Last year we saw oversized botanicals against stark white backdrops but this year we're taking the colours of nature from another source: the woodland. With mushroom greys and mink neutrals to soft fern-like greens.

""Their earthy color–gray blended with warm brown–gives off an old world, naturalist feel." says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin Williams.

Bring the outdoors indoors using soft, muted matt colours on the wall, mushroom-coloured furnishings and green-accented accessories such as large potted ferns and teal cushions. The key with creating interest with natural colours is TEXTURE.

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2. Powder Blues

In 2019, blues with a soft mist-like feel will be gracing interior retail spaces. Moody blues with a calming grey undertone will give a serene energy in the home. Use blue to create a relaxed atmosphere in rooms for work and meditation as the color blue has been shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate.

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3. Off-Cream

Neutral colours have always had a place in interior design and with the likes of Marie Kondo and the minimalist movement encouraging home owners to live a more clutter-free, joyful life, neutrals are set to stay.

Use the psychological effects of light colours, such as off-cream, to create a refreshing and clean look in your home. Neutral colours are often used to create an airy appearance, and a quiet and pure space. If you don’t want to have excess cream in your living space, try combining it with other neutral colors such as black, brown or gray.

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4. Soft Terracottas

Sherwin Williams' 2019 color of the year is Cavern Clay, a Southwest inspired tone for those who want to bring the warmth of the outdoors in. This sun-washed rust will provide a playful backdrop in entertaining spaces such as the dining room or kitchen when paired with bright tiles, warm stone and sculptural greenery.

Complementary materials include leather, simple woodgrains and indigenous cacti in contemporary, sleek gardening planters.

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5. Mindful Grey

Grey undertones are associated with mindful living and give a formality of subtle elegance without being too conservative. Often confused as a depressive hue, in combination with an off-white color, it can create a clean and refreshing appearance.

Team with navy, purple, and brown to create a subdued sense of tranquility in the home.

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